MV Monday this week takes a look at Korea’s favourite idol group, EXO, and their return with Call Me Baby.

As with all EXO releases Call Me Baby comes with two mvs, one in Korean, one in Chinese.

In classic SMTown style the sets are stark, the idols and their choreography being the focus.

Contrary to what the intros might have you wishing for the members aren’t mechanics, this is all pointless posing for an mv intro.

The Korean version sees Kai the intro’s central member, not surprising given his long run as group visual.

The Chinese version understandably sees a different dynamic amongst the EXO-M members, Tao holding a stronger visual presence this time around.

The group have opted for a more trend fitting style this time around, a strong monochrome palette, with influences from both hip hop and indie styles. Tao as the EXO-M lead visual commands this style especially well.

Call Me Baby comes from EXO’s second full album EXODUS, a more mature release from the group, a ten track collection available in both languages, with far more gems than the lead track would have you believe.

So, from a writer completely indifferent to EXO, a recommendation to check out their latest album is probably a little bit of an Easter Miracle.


Do you prefer the EXO-K or EXO-M Call Me Baby mv?
Have you heard the EXODUS album? Which is your favourite track?


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