Garage rock duo Dead Buttons visited the UK for the second time last week to play a series of shows and their debut EP Whoever You Are, originally released over a year ago, got its worldwide release yesterday! It was even re-mastered in the UK!

You can grab yourself a copy of the five track EP via iTunes for the bargain price of £3.99 and rest assured, it is worth every penny.

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Comprised of lead vocalist and guitarist Jihyun Hong, and drummer and vocalist Kanghee Lee, Dead Buttons combine heavy garage rock beats with raw English language vocals.
There isn’t a bad track on the EP, each serving up everything you’d expect from the genre in a new and exciting way.

A particular highlight of the album is Witch, a track with a hook you can’t help but shout along with. You can see Dead Buttons performing the track as a Naver OnStage featured artist back in December.

Visit YouTube and you can find a whole host of videos of them, including some great covers of groups such as The Beatles, Green Day, and ACDC.

You can also stop by their Facebook and Twitter to show them your support as they continue to work on their new album, set for release this year.



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