Each MV Monday brings you a small selection of Video Highlights, this week we’re deicating the entire article to our video highlights. So here goes …

Zion T – Eat

Zion T’s new release is all about the pressures of life, and needing to take the time for important yet everyday tasks, such as eating well, taking time for yourself, and sleeping well.

Just as he asks you listen to this song as a comfort and reminder of those things Zion’s presence in the beginning of the mv is replaced later with a phone, playing his track.
Once you know Zion T’s physical presence is representative of the phone you begin to notice the little things he does that are characteristic of the inanimate object. He sits wedged between sofa cushions, lies half-under the bed, sits on top of the toilet cistern, and just as the phone screen is cracked, so is a lens of sunglasses.

SHINee – View

One of the greatest things about SHINee is their ever evolving style. They are certainly SM’s most experimental male group, and they’ll often begin sound trends. View includes an interesting mix of tempos, and strong house beats.
The mv takes a different track than most of late, the members’ less interested in portraying the mature grown up image many have followed, and simply enjoying youth.

Jay Park – Mommae [19+ rating]

You’ll love this, or hate it, and that is what makes it so Jay ParkMommae perfectly brings together the things I both love and hate about Jay, his ability to make clever and catchy tracks, and his ability to be every hip hop cliche.
The Mommae mv is filled with more subtle visual references to his subject, alongside those more obvious cliched ones. Even if you do hate this mv it’s hard to deny that Jay has written an ear-worm!

What has been your video highlight over the past week?


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