To start the first fan talent off the month of May, in a spur to changes things up a bit from the most recent fan talents articles, I stumbled upon ‘MLSSJEN‘ in my search for potential people I could feature on a fortnightly basis.  And before you start to wonder whether there is a spelling mistake, there’s supposed to be an ‘L’ instead of an ‘I’ in the username ‘MLSSJEN‘, something that I found to be strangely unique as it stands out as a logo of sorts.



‘MLSSJEN’ is a YouTuber, who offers a range of videos including tips to tricks, K-beauty, K-pop lookalikes, lifestyle videos, and beauty on trend, she’s also from London!

[Experience Korea With Me in One Minute]

[How to apply BB Cream in 3 Ways]

[The Naked Smokey Look – Asian Eyes]

[Chubby for an Asian. The pressure to be skinny]

This video is so important because although Asians are often generalised to be on the ‘skinny’ side of the size spectrum, there are individuals who do not fit into that stereotype that is fed through the mass media. MLSSJEN talks about her opinion on how countries like Korea and China have ‘one size’ on clothing that would only fit smaller sized Asians rather than offering a range of different sizes to accommodate all varieties of body types.

The parting words of this video sounds like a positive and fitting way to finish off the article – “It’s better to be different than to look the same as everyone else. If you’re like me and you’re Asian (or any other race for that matter) and you care about your weight or don’t feel like you don’t fit in, just don’t worry about it, everyone is different for their own being and you were born this way!”

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