As you can tell from the title, this event ‘Imagine Your Korea – London Korean Festival’ is set to be taking place in Trafalgar Square on Sunday 9th August! And most importantly, it’s a free event! It looks to be an exciting fun packed day which will introduce the beauty and deep-rooted culture of Korea to the UK! It starts at 12pm and runs through until 8.00pm, showering people with eight hours of Korean culture to London, this is most definitely an event you won’t want to miss out on!

But of course, we shouldn’t forget to to mention there will be an extra special highlight of the event to entertain Korean music fans with appearances from rock group Guckkasten and girl group F(x) from SM Entertainment set to perform live at the festival!

Now, for those curious to how this event will be organised, the square will be split into themed areas which can appeal to all! These areas are separated accordingly.

– A ‘Tourism Experience Zone’, this gives visitors the opportunity to diverge into making a traditional Korean fan or have their name written in Hangul by a calligrapher.

– A ‘Food Zone’ which features a mixture of London based Korean restaurants and street vendors will showcase all the tastiest food Korea has to offer! There will also be a slot where Korean celebrity chef, Judy Joo will demonstrate a exciting display of cooking Korean cuisine!

– The ‘Contents Zone’ is for those interested in gaming and animation

– And finally, ‘Brand Zone’ will allow the ambassadors of Korean manufacturing and technology to promote Hyundai Motors and LG Electronics!

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There are also other events to choose from, for example performances from a number of artists exhibiting various genres and artists, with acts such as Korea’s World Champion B-Boy group Jinjo Crew. In addition there is also a fashion show, traditional games and performances to look forward to!

Make sure to look out the ‘Gangnam style flash mob’ before the event, which will be touring London’s landmarks on a double-decker bus, which will open out to the general public to encourage everyone to join in on the fun and have a go at taking a hack at K-Pop’s most famous dance routines.

“The city of London is one of the most culturally diverse and exciting capitals in the world, so bringing Korea to its very heart and showcasing everything from K-Pop to Kimchi encapsulates the relationship between the two nations”. The purpose of this event as stated by Ramy Salameh, who is the PR Officer for the KTO in London is to create links between the UK and Korea by giving people in London the chance of experiencing all the many sides of Korea that has gathered the interest of many worldwide.

For any additional information, contact Mr. R. Salameh, PR Manager – KTO London Office 020-7321-2535 and

To end, there is a competition which you can enter with a chance of winning a trip to Korea for two, including flights and accommodation. Interested? Click GoKorea!

This is looking to be a promising event, so if you’re not away abroad on holidays during the beginning of August – don’t miss out on this chance and go out for a fun and memorable day!


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