Nabbing over a million views for their new MV Ah-Ah this week, Teentop are back with a bang! The six guys are C.A.P (leader), Chunji, L.Joe, Niel, Ricky and Changjo (maknae).

Teentop first debuted in July 2010, and their Label is TOP Media, founded by Shinhwa’s Andy Lee. Their debut track was Clap, which featured some quite sweet little group clapping choreo. It didn’t really prepare Angels – their fanbase – for what was to come, as since then, they’ve definitely upped the dance game. If you’re interested in learning K-pop dances, you really can’t get a better legs workout than pretty much any upbeat Teentop track. These guys have some fancy footwork – check out Rocking, for example – and there’s also a lot of crotch-centered moves, not to forget their sexy body waves in To You which are the stuff of legend.

UK Angels were able to see Teentop in London at the Forum back in February 2013. They even got a sweet deal after ticket prices were reduced to boost sales, but it meant that last year’s tour only came as close as Paris. Whether Teentop will return to the UK again in the future is anyone’s guess.

This month’s comeback Natural Born is the 6th mini album for the guys, and was released hot on the heels of oNIELy, the solo debut by lead singer and luscious-lipped Niel.

Recommended MVs

Ah Ah – the comeback track


To You

Crazy – Dance version

Miss Right

Supa Luv

Niel – Lovekiller (solo track)


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