The Guardian has published an article highlighting new and upcoming bands who’ve been under watch as they target the US market – including 2NE1‘s CL!

CL has already been drawing attention from the US and UK media, proving her popularity with both K-pop fans and US critics as fans anticipate her soon-to-be-released American debut album.

The article features 5 new bands along with a brief description and a song link, leaving only good words for the 2NE1 leader. With a slight reference to Nicki Minaj and a good review, the article has been shared by multiple YG Entertainment SNS accounts including CL herself with a shoutout to the UK!

“CL is the biggest star in South Korea – her pop group 2NE1 are bigger out there than One Direction. And now she is going solo, with an album due out later this year.” Read more

Do you think CL will successfully break into the US market?


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