The Korean Cultural Centre (KCCUK) in London are holding a special showcase this month for two Korean acts ahead of their run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015!

Title: The Cherry Orchard: Beyond the Truth
Date: Monday 27th July
Time: 7pm
” Ranevskaya, the owner of the Cherry Orchard, sets her affairs straight in Paris and comes back home to her estate. The Cherry Orchard is set to be auctioned to pay the family’s debts, but she ignores this and pretends that nothing is wrong. Anya, the second daughter, is troubled by Ranevskaya’s unwillingness to face the truth and the uncertainty surrounding the Cherry Orchard. The day of the inevitable auction, Ranevskaya keeps disregarding the truth until the end, despite Varya, the first adopted daughter, telling her that the Cherry Orchard will be sold.”

Title: Leodo: The Paradise
Date: Friday 31st July
Time: 7pm
A mesmerising piece of musical theatre featuring traditional and contemporary drumming, singing, dancing and movement. Energetic and multi-talented Norian Maro creates a powerfully enthralling atmosphere and conjure Leodo, a fantasy island and artistic nirvana, treasured by the people of Jeju. Beautiful costumes, heartfelt movements and enchanting music transfer the audience in to the past, delivering the wisdom, arts and joy of Jeju.
The tale of the paradise Leodo is brought into the Kut, Korea’s indigenous shamanic performing arts ritual – one of Korea’s unique intangible cultural heritages. The piece is at the forefront of reinventing Kut, embracing traditional and re-imagined Kut with contemporary dance, sounds, and projection. This intensely beautiful and powerful performance will draw you further into the world of artistic nirvana of Korea. Join us on this journey to the sacred paradise Leodo!

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Admission to the shows is completely free, but you must book your place in advance!

RSVP: E-mail or call 020 7004 2600 

Korean Cultural Centre,
Grand Buildings 1-3 Strand,

Of course you will also be able to catch these act at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015 which is running from the 7th-31st August.
Both of the shows will be taking place on the 10th and 11th, full details of each can be found by clicking on the links below.

Schedule details for The Cherry Orchard: Beyond the Truth.
Schedule details for Leodo: The Paradise.

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