Welcome back to Fun Story OTW! This week, it seems like SM Entertainment‘s methods of testing out new managers have finally been revealed!

MBC’s Radio Star, is widely regarded as a show where guests talk about rumours, scandals and overall gossip while hosts Kim Gura, Yoon Jongshin, Kim Kookjin, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and You Seyoon are known for teasing guests as well as often throwing quick-witted comments at them.

On 29th June’s episode, singer Huh Gak guested on the show, talking openly about rumors the hosts had heard about how difficult a job it is to be his manager is and on how his company uses the singer as a ‘boot camp’ for new managers. To this Huh Gak even commented on how he’ll actually sit in the passenger seat next to the new manager in order to ‘talk’ however he is in fact observing the way in which the manager drives.

At that point Kyuhyun remarks, “At our company too, when new managers are hired they send them to Super Junior” evoking laughter from guests and hosts, to which Yoon Jongshin adds “If you can handle Super Junior, you can handle anything!”. 

As a host on Radio Star and a member of Super Junior, Kyuhyun has been known to reveal various inside information as well as an insight to SM Entertainment’s management, scandals and news within the company all due to inquiries of the other curious hosts.

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As well as this, the crazy boys of Super Junior are known to be large group and as well as that are famous for being entertaining personalities, as a result whether in their dorms or going for dinner as seen many times on variety shows, it’s safe to say it’s rarely a quiet moment with the boys of Super Junior!

Super Junior have just recently returned from performing in the SMTOWN concerts in Osaka, Japan along with their labelmates and are in the midst of promotions for their comeback for the group’s 10th Anniversary album: Devil.


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