Actress Yoo In Na and singer IU have been enjoying a holiday together in Italy!

The girls reportedly set off on their trip at the very beginning of the month and have been spotted by people enjoying their time in Rome. IU’s agency made a statement regarding the holiday, and it seems that the two organised the trip themselves and wanted to keep it low key.

Yoo In Na is known for her supporting role in the drama series ‘Secret Garden’ (2010) and her lead role in the 2012 series ‘Queen In-Hyun’s Man’. She is also a DJ for the radio programme ‘Let’s Crank Up The Volume’. IU is a popular young singer affectionately dubbed the ‘Nation’s Little Sister’ and is well known for her brilliant vocals, with an ability to hit 3 different octaves in one note.

The girls have been close friends for quite a while now, and often hang out together. Yoo In Na has spoken in the past of the real support that IU has given her throughout the years.

There are only a few photos of the two taken by passers by:

yiniu2 Yoo In Na, IU, Europe, Italy, Rome, 2015

Hopefully they are enjoying their time in Europe!

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