This week’s song of the week will be slowing things down to a comfortable pace for late summer and the start of school and getting back into the run of things.

Kim Hyung Jun, the maknae of SS501 returned this week with a digital single release, after his move to CI Entertainment, joining with fellow group member Heo Young Saeng and Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan.

Cross The Line is a sweet and fun song with a nice tune that aims to bring out feelings of a starting romance and fluttering of nervous butterflies. Featuring Kebee of Eluphant, the track is a comfortable mix of Kim Hyung Jun’s sweet vocals and some laid back rap, making it the perfect end of summer tune.

Known for his dazzling falsetto notes, Kim Hyung Jun does not disappoint and starts off with a beautiful falsetto hook which can put some ladies of kpop to shame. He moves swiftly into a more relaxed tune as he sings about the feeling when a friendship is crossing over into something more.

Kebee of Eluphant adds in a swift and cool element to the sweetness of the song, creating a perfect balance and highlighting Hyung Jun’s vocal ability as he happily sprinkles adlibs and hums along to the tune along with Kebee’s rapping.

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While no MV has been released, Kim Hyung Jun has been performing the song live on music shows this week, then joining up with rapper Hayoung from Playback.

The addition of a female voice adds a new touch to the song and along with the creative choreography and adorable flirting between the two, becomes a whole and entertaining performance to watch. The chemistry between Hyung Jun and Hayoung plays up the stage and combines well with his experience and age giving the song a comfortable yet cute vibe.

This song is perfect to listen to on the way to school or to make homework and other duties a bit more fun. The song does well in giving the listener a feeling of the same nervousness and giddy emotions which a new crush or relationship brings, and fits perfectly for the late summer evenings or early mornings for a good start on the day.


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