Before we even start this review, I have something of a confession to make, I do not wear make-up. I have just never really been bothered with it all, and go with my completely natural face wherever I go.

However, of course, I have heard a lot about Korean cosmetics through fellow K-Pop fan friends and have always been intrigued by Tony Moly’s cute and unusual package designs. So I thought, hey, let’s give it a go! (Yes, I was sucked in by pretty and weird packaging, I know).

I went with Tony Moly Tint Crayon Delight, thinking it would be easy to use for a cosmetics novice such as myself. I ordered it in ‘Delight Red’ shade. What I think I ended up receiving instead was ‘Delight Pink’, despite the box stating it was red. This was a disappointing mix up as I much prefer reds to pinks.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the cost of most of Tony Moly’s products. Every single one I came across is under £20, with the Delight Tint Crayon coming in at just under £4! I had this idea that all make up products would be much more expensive across the board, so it’s brilliant to see so many products at a lower price.

There was also some nice free samples that came along with the product. and you don’t need me to tell you that freebies are always a plus. In another novice move, I was under the impression that this product would be a lip gloss. It is not, it is a lipstick (are you rolling your eyes at me yet?)

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This lipstick (not lip gloss) comes out in a very beautiful pink colour, which comes out in a slightly different shade depending on how much you put on. It takes quite a few swipes across your lips to get a bright pink colour (as shown above). This means you have a choice about how vibrant you would like to go. I have fairly dark pink lips, but this lipstick still gave a very lively shade, even for me.

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The product’s staying power is also very impressive. Once you dab off the excess, the colour doesn’t leave a mark on cups, utensils or skin unless you rub quite hard. This is also good if you are someone like me who frequently wipes their face without realising and does not relish the idea of applying any kind of cosmetics more than once a day. Of course, the use of lip liner would also help it stay on for longer.


I would recommend this lipstick to anyone who is a lipstick fan. It is very affordable and really easy to use. It also looks great and stays on. What more could you want?
This particular pink shade is great for an understated, casual look or a sparkly style for a night out, simply depending on how much you choose to put on.

| If you are interested, you can buy this product on eBay here. |


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