Fan favourite TV site, Viki are set to co-produce a ground-breaking original series. ‘Dramaworld’, a ten episode comedy-drama set in Los Angeles and South Korea, honours the increasing popularity of Asian-drama and the fans who adore it. It has been written in both English and Korean to support the increasing international fanbase of Asian drama.

‘Dramaworld’ follows Claire Duncan (Liv Hewson), a Korean drama fanatic, following her favourite K-Drama star Joon Park (Sean Richard Dulake). Claire’s life takes a drastic turn as she becomes transported into the show through her smartphone, playing a character in her favourite drama. ‘Dramaworld’ becomes her reality and she finds herself in an unfamiliar role alongside her new friend Seth Ko (Justin Chon).

Any K-Drama fan can relate to this drama. Haven’t we all dreamed of starring in our own Korean drama…?  The star-studded cast and the unique approach at the K-Drama genre is sounding extremely promising.

Viki CEO, Tammy H. Nam said:

“This sort of American/Korean web drama mash-up has never been done; we’re pushing boundaries everywhere, including the international co-production and distribution team from China, Korea and the U.S. We’re very excited to introduce this show to many millions of viewers and hope to break language and culture barriers in the most fun way possible.”

The cast includes Korean drama actor Sean Richard Dulake and Twilight star Justin Chon. There are appearances from K-Drama and K-Pop idols Han Ji Min and Choi Siwon. Plans for season two and three are already underway so it’s definitely promising! Award-winning filmmakers Chris Martin and Josh Billig have written the show and Chris Martin is directing all ten episodes.  ‘Dramaworld’ is co-produced and in partnership with China’s Jetavana Entertainment founded by producer Ivy Zhong, famous for leading the team behind ‘The Karate Kid’ and ‘Ender’s Game’.  ‘Dramaworld’ is also in the hands of EnterMedia Contents, responsible for the internationally acclaimed drama ‘My Love From the Star’ in 2014. Third Culture Content are also involved as a successful production company concerned with the fusion of T.V and film culture.

CEO of Jetavana Entertainment, Ivy Zhong, is extremely committed and enthusiastic about the new drama and hopes for a Chinese sequel; “Although at this stage China is not the primary market for ‘Dramaworld,’ we were taken by the uniqueness of the concept.

In addition, we are excited to hopefully engage with Korean youth pop culture, Western youth pop culture and Chinese youth pop culture, in the form of a Chinese sequel or remake after season 1. Last but not least, we truly believe in the creative team and production team behind this joint venture, as well as Viki, our financing partner, for the simple fact that they are the most experienced and fastest growing platform for spreading Asian content worldwide.”

‘Dramaworld’ will begin filming late September in Seoul and will debut worldwide exclusively on and later on partner sites in early 2016.



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