After speculating about Jung Junyoung’s visit to London last month, and his time spent in the UK with popular youtuber “KoreanEnglishman” aka Josh we can see that their time together has been documented in the form of a series of videos posted by Mnet. If you missed the first article be sure to check it out here!

From the video’s Mnet have posted so far, we can see popular rock artist Jung Junyoung’s packing for his trip, and his first British Airway’s experience. As he’s no stranger to travelling it must have been second nature. We get to see how he passes time on the long flight before arriving in London and meeting up with Josh.

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We can see the pair must have had a lot of fun together, despite the stressful experience of singer-songwriter Jung Junyoung’s first time driving a right-handed car, and seeing him accidentally turn into the wrong lane and the pair even losing the film crew.

At the end of episode 2 we see what is in store for the pair for the rest of their time together, from what they’ve shown we can gather that they’ll be enjoying traditional fish and chips at popular restaurant, Hook. And the popular singer also gets Josh to come up with lyrics to a song he wrote in Korea!

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Are you looking forward to seeing the rest of their time in London together? What else do you think the pair will get up to? 

To watch all of the videos of their time together, click here for the playlist.


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