Make your Halloween weekend extra eerie by checking out our top Halloween picks this year!

The three films chosen for your Halloween weekend will suit every horror movie fan as we explore the supernatural to cold, chilling murder. These are some of the very best of Korean horror cinema and they won’t disappoint.


‘Death Bell’ is centred on the students of an elite high school sitting their final exams and competing for the top rank in the year. Directed by Yoon Hong-Seung, the film takes a terrifying turn as during one of their last exams a student is missing. She’s discovered as the T.V broadcasts her inside a tank that’s gradually filling with water.  The students must put their brightest minds together to unlock clues and answer cryptic questions within enough time to save the girl. The students begin to disappear one by one and nobody is allowed to leave the school grounds. From what begins as a vague supernatural horror, quickly transposes into a puzzling and enigmatic struggle to determine who is behind the madness. The chilling voice over the PA system with the creepy interjections of a ghostly presence make for an altogether impressive, terrifying horror film that is bound to scare you from the outset.

Death Bell2_0
Story: 9
Creepiness: 5
Shock value: 8
Gore: 7
Stress of taking exams: x 100


‘The Red Shoes’ is a supernatural horror focused on a cursed pair of red *cough* pink *cough* shoes that lie abandoned at a subway station in Seoul. As the shoes are taken from the platform, they claim the mind of protagonist Sun-Jae who has recently separated from her unfaithful husband. Sun-Jae moves into an almost inhabitable property with her young daughter Tae-Soo and seeks the company of an interior designer who she’s hired to design her new studio. The power of the shoes sparks an obsession that results in an insatiable thirst of greed and envy. The young daughter falls victim to the curse and the mother and daughter are often seen fighting over the shoes. The film is an adaptation of a fairy-tale in the same name and the director Kim Yong-gyun was inspired to create a strikingly different portrayal of the 1845 classic.  It’s a beautifully captured narrative with excellent character disposition, development and focus. The story keeps you on edge and you find yourself jumping at the slightest noise.

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Story: 8
Creepiness: 6
Shock Value: 6
Gore: 9
Chances of wearing red shoes at the weekend: 0


‘Bunshinsaba’ is keeping in style with curses as we are introduced to a South Korean Ouija-board film and we are definitely in store for a scare. High school student Yu-jin transfers to a school in a small village where she has relocated with her mother from Seoul. Yu-jin and her new friends are bullied by a group of surprisingly ‘popular’ girls who terrorise them to no end. That is until they fall under the curse of the Bunshinsaba who is called upon them. The tortured girls seek the help of spiritual medium who introduces them to the Ouija board. The catch? Don’t open your eyes or the spirit may take you. This film takes creepy to a whole new level. It keeps in tune with the cliché of ‘long-haired demonic girl with shriek-inducing stares’ but it is executed brilliantly. It is chillingly atmospheric as a revenge horror plot with a creepily charming outsider as the main character.

Story: 6
Creepiness: 9
Shock Value: 6
Gore: 8
Number of creepy one-liners: Countless

Check out all 3 of the Halloween picks this weekend for a fantastically, frightful night… if you can handle it…

Happy Halloween!


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