It’s been a week since Infinite played the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, but it seems the boys still have London on their minds, as leader Kim Sungkyu confessed this week that he once fainted there.

Sungkyu was chatting to Inspirits worldwide on Thursday via the Naver V app, the fourth in a series of recent live broadcasts from Infinite. At around the 11.30 mark, he confessed: “I liked it very much when I was in London. I liked London the most among nations in Europe on a tour.” And then sadly went on to describe passing out during the boys’ previous visit to London, for their 2013 world tour One Great Step.

“I lost my memories about London. Because I passed out. Seriously. At the hotel, I passed out like several hours. I used the room alone. I woke up in the morning, then passed out in the bathroom. I woke up at 6pm and went to bed again. I slept until 11pm. So I was asleep all day. I was exhausted and couldn’t eat well, back then. So I lost a day in London. I did nothing two years ago. But this time, it was great. So, I planned to go around on London streets, eat foods, go shopping and have fun with members.”

This pressured schedule two years ago may also be one of the reasons that Infinite’s movie about the OGS world tour Grow featured very little footage shot in London; only one scene with Sungkyu outside the venue wearing sunglasses was in the final edit.

However, the boys definitely seemed to be enjoying their time a bit more in the UK this year, as Inspirits captured a few of them on camera out and about during their free time in London. For example, Myungsoo was spotted looking at one of the exterior sets used for the movie Kingsman.

Infinite’s 2nd world tour Infinite Effect has now left Europe, but if you missed our London report and pics, check them out here.

Watch Sungkyu chat about the European tour in the Naver V show below. (English subs)


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