Episode 1

The night after the job with Yunho had brought Areum to a number of conclusions.

1. Hye was definitely insane, and she needed help
2. Sasaeng Inc had to end
3. Even if Hye wouldn’t, Areum was going to admit to, and apologise for, everything she’d ever done wrong as a part of the company

She knew Hye wouldn’t like her decision, and frankly Areum was a little scared what she’d do. So for the meantime she kept her mouth shut, and let Sasaeng Inc continue, providing lives weren’t in danger there wasn’t much more she could do.

Areum sat at her desk in the cramped office, attempting to check the emails via the poor wifi. She had been trying to screen the emails before Hye saw them, but she suspected Hye knew exactly what she was doing.
Areum wasn’t willing to risk another life.

khs_taecShe attempted to quickly hide the mail window as Hye arrived, but the browser had frozen again.
Though Hye seemed not to notice as she threw an envelope at Areum. It was addressed to 2PM’s Taecyeon.
Areum argued that she wasn’t a postal worker, but her efforts were futile. If she mailed this she was complicit in another of Sasaeng Inc’s unlawful actions. But she had to wait for the right moment to protest, and this wasn’t it.

Areum trudged to the JYP offices to drop the envelope into their postal box. Every time she passed a waste bin she considered abandoning the mail there instead. Though, whatever the letter contained Hye would know she hadn’t delivered it if Taecyeon or JYP didn’t make comment. Could she lie, say they’d closed their postal box? Or that there had been a sign saying they could not guarantee delivery of fan written mail?
She didn’t know why she had to deliver this, fans could walk right up to the JYP mailbox and leave their fanmail there for idols. Areum guessed that meant the contents were questionable. She hoped it wasn’t a death threat.
Eventually, after much deliberation she pushed it into the mailbox and walked away, instantly regretting her choice.

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Areum had forgotten all about delivering the letter four days later when she say Taecyeon’s name on the list of top portal searches. The realisation of what she had delivered hit her as she saw the photos of the letter, written in blood.

I cannot live without you.
If I cannot have you, no one can.
We will die together.

Areum collected up her things and left the office. She was done with Sasaeng Inc.


Will Areum be able to stop Hye before she helps a Sasaeng fan kill an idol? Who will be the next Sasaeng Inc target? 

Tune in next week for a new episode of KOREAN HORROR STORY


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