Film nights are back at the Korean Cultural Centre!

The KCCUK have announced a new series of film nights focusing on the humour of Korean cinema in a new showcase series named “Ha Ha Ha – Translating Korean Humour”.

The first screening of 2016 kicks off with comedy ‘In Another Country’ directed by Hong Sang-soo. It features Isabelle Huppert and Yu Jun-Sang as the main characters.

‘In Another Country’ is a critically acclaimed film set in the quaint seaside town of Mohang. A young film student writes three different versions of a script that all feature a main character named Anne. Each depiction of Anne is narrated on screen from a film maker to a woman married to a film maker to a newly divorced woman seeking a spiritual discovery. The three recurring tales are narrated on screen in a truly unique fashion.

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You can catch the showing on Thursday 28th January at 7pm. It is a free event to attend but you will need to book a seat!

For more information and to book yourself on to the event, head on over to the KCCUK’s website and don’t forget to keep yourself updated on upcoming screenings in this comedy series.

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