Back in around late September last year, YG Entertainment group WINNER traveled to London. This understandably made fans very excited and set off a flurry of discussions about what exactly the group were doing during their time in the UK. It is now certain that a photo shoot was in the works, the results of which are now doing the rounds among fans!

It turns out that the photos are actually part of WINNER’ s ‘EXIT:E’ album promotions. The album itself was actually released yesterday, after whipping up a lot of hype with a ‘teaser film’ video a short while ago.

This is WINNER’s first album since their debut release, which was back in 2014.

The collection of photos show the members looking stylish in casual clothing as they hang around the back streets of London. Apparently, they have taken a leaf out of label mate G-Dragon’s book as they seem to favour the parts of London that have more character and mystery than what you might find usually in the English tour guides.

You can take a look at the photos below:

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The group have admitted to having a tough time on their hiatus, as they were unsure as to whether or not they would be able to top the huge success of their debut. However, it is nice to see their faces again, especially in the setting of England’s capital city!

This is only the start of WINNER’s comeback, and there are undoubtedly many fans highly anticipating what the group will come back with in the near future!

[All image credit goes to YG Entertainment].


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