B.A.P – ‘Feel So Good’

B.A.P are in the midst of a very busy month, with their ‘Live On Earth 2016’ tour commencing soon and a comeback album added on top! These boys haven’t stopped since their anticipated return last year with ‘Young, Wild & Free’. The contrast in concepts is noticeably poles apart, however this group has not been afraid to try anything and everything as their music has continued to evolve with each consistent album release.

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So, for this SOTW, we’ll be looking at their newest song ‘Feel So Good’!


Straight off the bat, the music is upbeat and perfect to use to get ready for the summer. The message of the song is completely light-hearted, with compliments being showered upon the listeners left, right and centre. In essence, it portrays young love – it’s not serious and riddled with angst. Instead, the style is purely someone expressing their interest, in this case it could be B.A.P sending this message to their fans – who are called ‘Babies’ for all the continued support.

Unlike their past songs, there isn’t a deeper meaning embedded within the lyrics, however this song could be thought of as the boys getting through the other side of the dark tunnel. With B.A.P’s last comeback a few months ago, ‘Young, Wild & Free’ promoted a self-explanatory statement – despite everything they’ve been through, they’re survived it all together. With ‘Feel So Good’ on the other hand, it could be highlighting a positive turn in their lives or it could just be another love song to add to the list, who knows? It’s up to the listener to make that decision.

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It’s very quirky with splashes of vibrant colour in every scene. The main aspect of the MV is that the boys letting loose and having fun, they’re being playful and acting like compete and utter goofballs that we’ve all gotten to know since their debut in 2012. Once again, the general theme of the song visually illustrates the euphoric feeling of falling in love. Or, another alternative perspective could be the growing interest from the late teenage stage into mid-adulthood with females.

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If you haven’t seen the MV, or just want another excuse to watch it, it’s linked below!


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