The BBC News website recently published an article exploring the possible health benefits and rumours surrounding fermented foods. They referenced South Korean and Japanese diets for their much higher consumption of fermented food stuffs when compared to their Western counterparts.

You are likely already very familiar with terms such as: ‘good bacteria’, ‘bad bacteria’, and ‘probiotics’. These words are often thrown around in any given yoghurt advert that purports to improve your health and aid your digestion. However, did you know that any naturally fermented foods, such as Kimchi, can also contain lots of this good stuff?

“A great deal of research is being carried out to find out if taking probiotics can improve the health of people with specific disorders. So far it has been suggested there could be benefits for those with irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory diseases of the intestines. They may also improve allergies in babies and the health of people with weak immune systems.”

Of course, Kimchi is the very famous Korean side dish made from fermented vegetables. There are hundreds of different varieties of the dish and many families have their own versions. Traditionally, preparation of Kimchi involved storing seasoned vegetables in jars buried underground for many months in order for it to ferment. Today, Kimchi remains an extremely popular dish in Korea – it is known as a great source of fibre and is often one of the main reasons given when talking about the good health of Korean people in general. You can learn more about Kimchi here.

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The BBC article suggests that, while the differences in health between the East and the West could indeed be attributed to the differences in fermented food consumption, it is also important to point out that much research is still needed on the subject.

In any case, Kimchi is a very healthy food, so make sure you tuck in when you get the chance. Remember though, everything in moderation!

You can read the full article here.

[Source: BBC News Website].


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