Last night independent hip hop collective Rock Bottom Crew performed a sold out show at Underworld in Camden, London. Performing for their fans were rappers Supreme Boi and Kidoh; and DJ Hashmate; they were also joined by other crew members creative director Type-C; model and tattoo artist dontcallmeadog; and Daenamhyup crew leader and rapper Marvel J. [Supreme Boi, Kidoh and I11EVN are members of Daenamhyup, the hip hop collective that also includes rappers such as Iron and Rap Monster.]

As the first performance, it was guest rapper Marvel J’s job to set the atmosphere for the show, and he certainly delivered. From the moment appeared on the stage the show was loud, and full of impact, and the crowd was completely immersed in the attitude and performance of Rock BottomMarvel J did however have the job of informing fans that I11EVN hadn’t been able to come to the UK with the crew. The crowd was disappointed, but his absence didn’t ruin the night. He certainly wasn’t forgotten either.
Next performer Supreme Boi told the fans that even though they were in London and I11EVN was in Korea they were brought together by their music, he then followed up his sentiment by performing a tribute to the rapper.
Supreme Boi performed plenty of fan favourites during the show, and was even joined on stage by Type-C.

Only Kidoh has performed in London before; as a former member of Topp Dogg, Kidoh played a show at The Troxy alongside the idol group back in September, though said during the show that he had more freedom on this visit as he’d had to stay in his hotel room for the whole of his first stay.
He also later announced that he’ll be releasing an album later in the year, featuring around six or seven original tracks. Wordplay can be a challenge if you’re not a native speaker, but Kidoh confidently asked his fans to Stay Alive for his album, before launching into a track of the same name.


Supreme Boi later returned to the stage, bringing with him a rap battle between himself and Kidoh, along with the audience anticipated expletive-laden track ‘KFC‘. The crowd joined in with songs throughout the show, rapping along and shouting the lyrics back at the crew. To conclude the show on a high, Supreme Boi, Marvel J and Kidoh all came together to perform several songs including the Rock Bottom theme song.

As a collective Rock Bottom certainly show off their passion for hip hop and its culture. But for UnitedKpop it was the bond of the crew that really became the highlight of the showcase, because before the music, this crew is first and foremost, friends. An infectious laughter exists amongst the collective when they are together, and unlike many of their idol counterparts they are unafraid to call each other out on their ‘mistakes’. Stay tuned to UnitedKpop for more pre-show content. 

Overall, it was an impressive show and despite I11EVN’s absence the crowd clearly still thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Marvel J made a fantastic addition to the lineup, and the crew had great performances all round. Rock Bottom X London was definitely a good start from BeatCraze and we’re anticipating their next event.


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