At the beginning of the month Giriboy played his first show outside of South Korea, at Ace Hotel in London. We asked you on Instagram what questions you’d love to ask the rapper, and you sent us plenty of suggestions.

We sat down with the Giriboy backstage after his set to find out who inspires him, where he gets his fashion sense, and which Korean artist he thinks we should be listening to!

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Who inspired you to become a rapper, was there a rapper or musician you looked up to when you were younger that made you want to be involved in music? 

The Korean group Shinhwa [laughs]. Pharrell and NERD too.

The inspiration of Shinhwa isn’t something to knock – this year they will be celebrating their 18th anniversary

You never considered following the idol path like Shinhwa though, you always wanted to be a rapper?

In middle school I thought about being an idol, but I thought that I couldn’t live that life, with the training and the schedules.

Do you have an opinion on idol rappers?

I think Zico is a really good rapper, so it doesn’t matter. If they’re good, they’re good.

Is there a Korean hip hop artist we should watch out for? 

C-Jamm! C-Jamm is Korea’s best rapper!

You can currently see C-Jamm proving his skills on Show Me The Money 5.

Do you have a fashion icon?

I don’t have a fashion icon really. But there is a Japanese application called Wear. It is kind of like an Instagram for fashion. I look at that a lot.

My favourite Hip Hop artist is: Kanye West
My favourite other genre artist is: Kasabian, and The Killers
I’m currently listening to: Pharrell
I’d most like to collaborate with: Tinashe
I would love to produce for: C-Jamm

You really wanted to know whether Giriboy was TEAM CAP or TEAM IRON MAN, but unfortunately he said he hadn’t had time to watch the movie yet, so didn’t know.

But he did have this to say to his British, and international fans:

I am thankful you recognise me, but please don’t download my music on torrents [laughs]!

You can legally buy Giriboy’s music via iTunes!


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