Starship Entertainment’s newest girl group Cosmic Girls (WJSN) are back after their outstanding debut in February with double whammy ‘MoMoMo’ and ‘Catch Me’. The 12 member girl group became 13 with the addition of new member, I.O.I’s Yu Yeon Jung last month. Their latest single ‘Secret’ is from their second mini album The Secret and we can’t stop playing it! The Secret features 5 new tracks and a Chinese version of the title track.

Let’s dive into the mini album!

‘Secret’ is the cosmic sound all fans have been waiting for. Secret is the title track of the mini album and does not disappoint. It’s super catchy and has an easy-listening feel to it. The pacing throughout from the verses to the chorus really stands out as a title track. It is almost atmospheric and this is highlighted in the quirky MV.

‘Bebe’ is the next track. Aegyo vocals combined with a sugary-sweet backtrack and a bouncy chorus. Bebe is reminiscent of old-school OT5 Girl’s Day style and it’s perfect! Dawon kills the high note at the end of the song and all the members have the chance to showcase their vocals. Beware, too much of this song will give you a mighty sugar rush. It’s a personal favourite!

‘Would You Kiss Me?’ is a slow dance track with a drop after the chorus similar in style to their popular dance track ‘Catch Me’. The musical arrangement feels a little off with the contrast of cute pop and darker electronic sounds. Although the two styles don’t seem to gel well in the song, it showcases the two sides of the group and proves they can smash the cute and the edgy concepts.


Cosmic Girls

The 8bit vibe at the start of ‘Prince’ really flows with the spacey, cosmic vibe of the entire album. The alien vocals mixed with the aegyo style backing vocals really bring this song to life. The song might be fast-paced and little too cutesy for some but it doesn’t overwhelm the girl’s vocal talent.

‘Robot’ is a slow decline from the energetic track before. Exy’s rap really stands out against the steady vocals and the electronic beat. The backing track is super chilled and really sets the pace for the song. It gives the vocals an extra hit of energy where the track is quite slow. A definite potential for a second single!

‘Goodnight’ is the only ballad on the album and it’s absolutely perfect. It’s refreshing to hear the raw talent of their vocals and everything is stripped down to just focusing on the lyrics of the song. It talks about the struggles of being an idol and the expectations upon them. The chorus reminds them to keep dreaming and don’t worry about any troubles. It’s a beautiful track and the addition of the dialogue between the members is a sweet touch.

The group has 3 Chinese members so they created a Chinese version of the title track ‘Secret’ as the last song on the album.

Can you choose a favourite track from this mini-album?


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