The British K-pop singer who debuted back in 2014 with the song ‘Daybreak Rain’ is set to be taking part in the final season of ‘K-Pop Star 6’! Earlier on in November, her label company MBK Entertainment gave the statement that “Shannon recently finished the recording for her appearance in ‘K-Pop Star 6.'”

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Shannon spoke of her reasons on why she decided to enter the show. The agency said, “Shannon took part in the audition because she wanted to learn more about singing.”

Below is the video of her performance on the show, she continues to show off her vocal prowess as she covered Ariana Grande’s song ‘Jason’s Song (Gave It All Away)’. As you can see, she had the audience including her fellow K-pop artists and the judges impressed by her evident talents.

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However, it was revealed while she had gained two ‘pass’ votes from Yang Hyun Suk and Yoo Hee Yeol,  J.Y.P on the other hand wasn’t completely won over by her performance. He gave his critique that “Maturity that does not fit your age is actually a weakness.”, suggesting that while she is a gifted singer she should try to overcome her weaknesses in order to become a better artist as a whole.

What did you think about her performance?


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