By now everyone is familiar with this year’s X-factor novelty act, Honey G. Though she herself may be one of a kind, it turns out her name isn’t – over in Korea, K-pop trio Honey G debuted back in 2012.


Anna Guilford aka Honey G is famed for her eccentric rap act on X-factor UK this year.

Unfortunately for the K-pop group, they cannot force Honey G of X-Factor (real name Anna Guilford) to change her stage name. As a show insider told The Sun Online, ‘Honey G’s a rapper and these guys make K-Pop – there’s no way they could be confused.’ However, that doesn’t mean they couldn’t make a case.

The X-Factor has a history of double-names – One Direction previously had to settle a huge lawsuit from an American band of the same name, whilst Little Mix (originally Rythmix) had to change their name due to upset from a Brighton charity of the same name. Even this year, Brooks Way were forced to change their name from The Brooks. So, it comes as a surprise to many that Honey G is receiving preferential treatment, following a series of blunders and controversies by the novelty star.


They may share a name, but Honey G’s music is polar opposite to the X-factor star’s – smooth jazz with powerful vocals.

Honey G, the K-pop group, are signed under Chungchun Music, and in a stroke of further coincidence, they were also formed through a reality music programme – Superstar K. The trio were chosen to go through by Psy, finishing 7th place in the show. Though they haven’t released any new material since their first album back in 2013, perhaps this burst of publicity will bring some new Honey G material of the Korean kind.

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