BIGBANG have been busy with their concerts this month to the run up to T.O.P’s enlistment in February. Though it seems that Taeyang has recently ventured off to Milan, Italy for Fashion Week which he updated his fans over his plans to travel to Europe on his Instagram.

G-Dragon is no stranger to Europe with his frequent trips, having both visited Paris and even launched his own brand ‘PEACEMINUSONE’ in London in December!

Off to Italy #FENDI #짤줍

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He’s been updating his social media over the course of his journey and seems to be enjoying the tourist life. Some of the highlights so far include eating pizza for breakfast and lunch using the excuse that they’re in Italy – so kind of following the old saying ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’ in this case.

And in one of his posts, he shared about a stranger who approached him, complimented him and gave him a friendship bracelet. Which seemed harmless enough, until he asked for 5 euros. Though, the locals have  said that it’s a common scam used on naive tourists and also something that happens in London apparently.

There’s some of his posts linked in below but if you want to keep up to date with Taeyang’s adventures in Italy, make sure to follow his Instagram!

The Life of Tourist

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Pizza for breakfast cause we're in ITALY..

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