The Korean Paul Potts, Huh Gak released his 5th mini album this week. Here’s his MV for comeback track Miss You.

You may already be familiar with Huh Gak if you’re a fan of audition show Superstar K. He was the winner in 2010, the show’s second season. Just like his British namesake, he’s a regular boy next door who simply won the hearts of the public with his stunning voice.

Huh Gak grew up with twin brother Huh Gong, but didn’t finish school due to some family financial difficulties. Before auditioning for the TV show, he worked as a ventilator repairman, and a festival singer. His life changed dramatically after his debut single Always.

Signed to Plan A Entertainment, Huh Gak has released mini albums almost every year since his debut, and has made regular appearances on vocal show Immortal Song. He also got hitched to his childhood sweetheart and become a dad. As well as making his own comeback, he hung out with Victon (formerly Plan A boys) in this track, Begin Again.

Check out Huh Gak’s official website here.
Follow his channel on YouTube.
A preview of his new mini album is below.

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