The newest addition to SM’s group of artists under its label has certainly been reaping success during the award season. For those new to this group, NCT is an acronym for ‘Neo Culture Technology’ and so far, is split into three sub-units which include NCT U, NCT 127 and NCT Dream.

Some of the members of the rookie sub-unit group NCT 127 had been goofing around, as seen in some of the extra footage when the members were on their break whilst filming for their online series NCT LIFE MINI which was in collaboration with Nimble on YouTube.

You can see from 1:56, Johnny attempting to speak in a stereotypical ‘British’ or rather a ‘English’ accent with Mark playing along. Then later on from 2:56, they go for speaking in French, whether what they were saying was accurate is another thing entirely!

If you want to see more K-pop idols trying to imitate a ‘British’ accent, then look no further as GOT7 (more specifically Jackson) went and had a go, which you can see here.

What did you think of their attempts?


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