We’re nearly at the end of March, but we’ve had a good week of K-pop releases this week! Which includes the rebirth of former Cube Entertainment’s members from Beast/B2ST into Highlight, good old favourites like CNBLUE and MONSTA X and rookie girl group PRISTIN, both of the latter groups were recently featured in the UK iTunes chart! And last but no means least, the parody K-pop group BgA has returned!

Artist: Highlight

Release: 1st Mini Album ‘Can You Feel It?’ with the double title tracks ‘It’s Still Beautiful’ and ‘Plz Don’t Be Sad’ on March 20.

Artist: CNBLUE

Release: 7th mini album ‘7℃N’, title track ‘Between Us’ on March 20.

Artist: J-Min

Release: Digital single ‘Alive’ on March 20.


Release: Debut mini album ‘Hi! Pristin’, title track ‘Wee Woo’ on March 21. The rookie girl group’s album entered into the UK iTunes chart recently!

Artist: MONSTA X

Release: Full studio album ‘The Clan 2.5 The Final Chapter’, the title track is ‘Beautiful’ came out on March 21. Like with PRISTIN, the boy group’s latest release also scored a place on the UK’s album chart on iTunes!

Artist: BgA

Release: Digital Single ‘Who’s It Gonna Be’ came out on March 24. The parody K-pop group is back with their latest music release!

What were your favourite comebacks this week?


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