Though, much to our dismay, Dundee’s Arkive store no longer sells Bubble Tea, there’s a new kid on the block in the pink and bubbly form of Adorabubble.

Situated in Dundee’s Overgate centre, the Bubble Tea store makes a great pit stop during your shopping sprees in town. To see what the fuss was all about, we headed over to take a look for ourselves.

First Impressions

Despite being in the middle of a busy shopping centre, Adorabubble’s pared back stall and clean designs make for a welcome break in the noise of the Overgate. The staff were friendly and efficient. Overall, our first impressions were good.

The Bubble Tea

Our serving was too soon devoured to be photographed, so feast your eyes on this tasty concoction instead!

Bubble Tea can be enjoyed hot or cold, but on a rare sunny day in Dundee cold was our choice, opting for a cool green matcha tea with pineapple juice balls at the recommendation of the Bubble Barista on hand. An unusual combination for sure, but nevertheless delicious.

Adorabubble’s juice balls are an interesting change from the usual accompanying tapioca balls – though you can still order these if you’d prefer. You can make your order however you like, with a Subway-esque multi-choice menu. The juice balls are the same size and shape as the tapioca balls, though these burst in your mouth, full of fruity flavours. We could have happily had a serving of just these!

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As big fans of matcha, the green tea was still the best part, however. As a flavour not often found in Dundee, we were overjoyed to find it on Adorabubble’s menu!


Adorabubble’s Bubble Tea is the new king on the block in Dundee, with tasty Bubble Tea in all kinds of flavours, it’s definitely a go-to place to satisfy those cravings.

Rating: 4.5/5

AdoraBubble Tea is a rapidly growing company across the East Coast bringing you Bubble Tea with an edge!

You can then add an even more unique twist by adding Tapioca or fruit flavoured Juice Toppings to really make your taste buds go WOW!

It truly is TEA-RRIFIC! Check out Adorabubble on Facebook!

Tasty Treat

Adorabubble's Bubble Tea is the new king on the block in Dundee, with tasty Bubble Tea in all kinds of flavours, it's definitely a go-to place to satisfy those cravings.

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