Looking for a new drama to binge watch? The thriller drama ‘Under the Black Moonlight‘ has recently been made available to watch on Netflix after being aired on SOHU TV on May last year. The drama featured Nam Taehyun, formerly a member of WINNER, well-known actress Kim Seora, rookie Kim Soo Yeon and more. The drama was written by Kang Soo Yeong and directed by Lee Jeong Pyo and being one of the projects from a Korean and a Chinese production company.

The web drama itself consists for about 9 episodes and follows the life of Nam Taehyun’s character Kang Woo, a college student with a major in fine arts and shows his academic potential of achieving high grades. Although, there’s seems to be a dark, supernatural twist as the story follows the group of students from the art school who decide to have a trip to a mountain cabin and around the lurking mystery surrounding the owner of the said cabin.

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While it may give off the initial impression of the typical cliche horror plotline, this mystery-thriller series has been said to contain a story which pulls you in and if you’re a fan of horror, then that’s a bonus! The synopsis of the drama can be read below, if it’s something that interests you, then give the first episode a watch!

A college art club welcomes a new member who has the secret ability to smell death and who warns one of them to leave her boyfriend… or else.


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