Have you guys been feeling the summer vibes yet? Rather questionable on the UK side at the moment, but let’s look at this week’s hottest releases! We’ve got some releases from one of the Kings of K-Pop, BIGBANG, along with many more great release!

Sik-K – Party (SHUT DOWN) ft. CRUSH

Release: Sik-K previously released his track ‘Fly’ as a part of his latest album ‘H.A.L.F (Have.A.Little.Fun)’ and has also released a following track called ‘Party (Shut Down)’ which features CRUSH. His latest album is released under Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone’s new record ‘H1GHR MUSIC’. The song can be described as quite a chill song with an addictive melody. The song was produced by Groovy Room (best known as one of Sik-K’s Yelow Mobs’ crew members) who joined Sik-K at H1GHR Music. Released on the 5th of June.

DAY6 – I Smile

Release: DAY6 are back again with the release of their monthly track, this time called ‘I Smile’. As it has reached their 6th month of their monthly releases, they have released their first full album called ‘Sunrise’ which also features variations of their old songs such as ‘Congratulations’ but a final version. The band continue to showcase many variations of music genres, this time releasing an emotional ballad. Released on the 7th of June. WARNING: Those who are watching the MV, there’s no sound at the beginning so if you’re wearing earphones, don’t raise the volume otherwise you’ll be in for quite a shock.

F.T. Island – Wind

Release: It’s been 10 years since F.T. Island debuted, and if you’ve been up to date regarding release round-up’s, we’ve previously mentioned about F.T Island’s 10th anniversary. This time they are back with their 10th anniversary track ‘Wind’ a powerful ballad. It’s amazing to see how far F.T. Island have come since they debuted, and to think Hongki’s voice continues to convey such emotion and power with his vocal abilities. The song was released along with the 10th anniversary album ‘Over 10 Years’  on the 7th of June.

Cosmic Girls (WSJN) – Happy

Release: The Cosmic Girls are back with the release of the new song ‘Happy’. The concept follows a background of a dodgeball game where the girls are characterised as cute cheerleaders. The overall MV is rather vibrant and the song continues to be very catchy and upbeat throughout. ‘Happy’ is the title track to their first full length studio album ‘Happy Moment’ which was released on the 7th of June.

Kim Chungha – Why Don’t You Know ft. Nucksal

Release: Many people have been highly anticipating Chungha’s official debut since her participation in Produce 101. In comparison to her first single ‘Week’ which was a heart-felt ballad, she released her leading song of her debut EP called ‘Why Don’t You Know’ ft. Nucksal which can be described as a summer bop. She showcases her skills as a vocalist, having the ability to hit high notes, as well as showcasing her skills as a dancer. ‘Why Don’t You Know’ along with her debut EP ‘Hands on Me’ were released on the 7th of June.

G-Dragon (BIGBANG) – Untitled, 2014

Release: Prior to the start of his upcoming second world tour ‘ACT III, M.O.T.T.E.’, G-Dragon decided to release a self-titled album where his song ‘Untitled’ would feature. The album was released two days prior to his opening show of the tour, on the 8th of June. The ‘Untitled’ music video is an aesthetically visual piece, featuring G-Dragon with numerous sky variations as the background. The song is a romantic ballad. NOTE: Fans have realised that the number ‘2014’ can be made up using the numbers in his birthday (1988.08.18), whilst the total time for his album is 18:08 – which is also an aspect related to his birthday.


Ma Eunjin (Playback) – I Understand ft. d.ear

Release: Ma Eunjin, best known as a contestant of K-Pop Star and participant of the show, Produce 101. She originally was withdrawn from the group ‘Playback’ before being re-added on the 13th of April 2017. She released her first solo debut single ‘I Understand’ featuring d.ear. The song is a slow ballad duet. The group ‘Playback’ is due to comeback later this year. The single was released on the 9th of June.

Eddy Kim – Heart Pound

Release: Eddy Kim is back with an R&B/Soul track called ‘Heart Pound’. The solo artist continues to provide smooth and soothing tracks for his listeners. The music video features the well-known, Russian actress-model, Angelina Danilova. The track takes on a different genre from his previous tracks such as ‘The Manual’ which is an smooth acoustic track. The song was released on the 9th of June.


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