9Muses are back with another fantastic track this summer. Since debut in 2010, the group has had plenty of hits to their member line up and currently only has 5 members as Sungah isn’t participating in this comeback, sadly. The chop and change lineup hasn’t affected the group’s enthusiasm and drive and they just keep dropping incredible MVs.

9Muses may not be the most popular girl group, but their company doesn’t leave the girls with a sub-standard MV and generic track. We are excited to dive right into this week’s Song of the Week!

What’s the perfect genre for summer? That’s right, EDM. The group is prepared for chart domination with this incredible track. The mash of retro instrumental sounds and electronic dance really creates an emotional song that fits the lyrics perfectly. ‘Remember’ is a melancholic, painful track about memories with a past lover. “Memories of thinking I couldn’t live a day without you. Memories of wanting to die. I think I’m tired of being trapped inside.”

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This MV deserves a standing ovation, a round of applause and maybe an Oscar for every aspect of it. Cinematography? Check. Script? Check. Acting? Check. The storyline is an enigmatic journey and there are tons of theories around about the actual plot. Theories aside, it’s a painful video to watch as it seems to depict an abusive relationship and each member seems to be affected by a hard relationship with the same partner. It’s dark, twisted and plays on surreal imagery with the visual representation of pain. Whatever you interpret, you can’t deny it’s a solid video that deserves recognition.

Do you think 9Muses will receive their first win with this comeback? Let us know!


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