The uber girl group have made their expectant return just in time for Summer with title track ‘Happy’ from their latest album ‘Happy Moment’. We’ve been gifted with 10 tracks, 10 brand new tracks, and the response has been overwhelming with a number one spot on the charts and sales tripling from previous releases.

Every title track from Cosmic Girls has a ‘thrown-together’ vibe to it. A mix of sounds, melodies and genres that create an energetic off-the-wall track. ‘Happy’ is a sugary, hyperactive electronic track with innocent, energetic vocals. The cheers and chants really energise the melody and that’s exactly what a song named ‘Happy’ needs. It’s so fun to listen to over and over again.

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With so many members, it was only a matter of time before they became their own cheerleading squad. The choreography is a cheer squad routine with a cute buzz and sporty aesthetic. The bright colours, charming smiles and aegyo filled scenes create such a happy, energetic MV that you’ll want to replay. There’s so much going on across the different scenes that it’s a video you’ll lose yourself in. The MV is created inside a ‘doll-house’ exterior with each scene being a different sequence. Back and forth from a basket ball court, to the changing rooms, to inside an ambulance. It’s a bubbly song with an even bubblier video to match! Cosmic Girls never fail to impress.


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