The artist’s name has been cropping up more frequently as of late, especially overseas when the exciting news broke that he signed onto Jay Z’s label Roc Nation and also appeared in the music video of ‘Boys’ of British artist Charli XCX, which you can read more below!

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Now, he had been featured today in the latest instalment of the BBC World Service Radio show, ‘The Arts Hour’. The host Nikki gave an in-depth introduction which spoke volumes in deserving recognition to the artist, referring to him as being ‘one of the biggest stars in Korea and beyond’. She listed off his many attributes, some examples included him being a songwriter, a record producer, a choreographer, an entrepreneur. All of which are known to K-Pop fans or anyone who may have had a glance through his Wikipedia page, but it still remains the case that it’s an impressive number of titles for someone who has evidently accomplished a tremendous amount and the sky’s the limit.

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Nikki met Jay Park in a cafe that he owned and they discussed topics such as when he used to be a member of 2pm and how his fame and career progressed at a fast rate, whether he considers himself to be a role-model, the positive messages in his music.

They also talked about the process of how he writes the lyrics for his songs, which has an influence from the attitudes from the US and South Korea with the topic of drugs as mentioned in the interview. And also he talked about the importance of humility for himself, he said ‘I think that another characteristic that I hold very dear and don’t ever want to change‘.

You can catch the full segment focused on Jay Park here which takes place from 10:11 to 15:55!


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