July has flown by as we’re already in the last couple of days of this month and there’s been several highlights of this week’s release to finish the month off from the now 4 membered unit NU’EST, solo returns from UK born and bred Shannon and also Jang Hyunseung, a new single from MONSTA X and more in this week’s Release Round Up!

Artist: NU’EST W

Release: The digital single ‘If You’ was released on July 25 following the Produce 101 Season 2 programme. And as a bonus, the boys had their first #1 on the music charts!

It’s truly a beautiful song and we recommend that you check out the translation for this, as it was dedicated to their fans. You can listen to this song on Spotify here!

Artist: MYTEEN

Release: The fresh faced rookies are here with their debut mini album ‘MYTEEN Go’, (which did remind us of ‘Teen Titans GO’), with the title track ‘Amazing‘ on July 26. It’s meaning is filled with what seems to be a first love, with the boys fawning over their crushes, with a love at first sight concept.

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Artist: Dreamcatcher

Release: 1st mini album ‘Prequel’, title track ‘Fly High’ on July 27. The lyrics paints an interesting love story, the girls are trapped in a false reality, the term nightmare is used, which may suggest that they find comfort in the presence of their loved one who may chase away the darkness lurking in their dreams.

Artist: MONSTA X

Release: The group who consistently have comebacks with the ‘bad boy’ concept have flipped 180 with their newest digital sugary sweet single ‘Newton’ released on July 27! The boys show off their fun sides to the fans as they embark on a road trip on route to the countryside for the music video.

Artist: Jang Hyunseung

Release: The Cube artist’s newest song ‘Home’ was released on July 27, it’s a sombre track. The lyrics suggest that he’s reminiscent, it speaks volumes of the emotions he did not openly express in the past. He looks back in hindsight with regret, but made the acknowledgment that he was in the wrong. It’s a mature side of the soloist that’s refreshing to see. You can listen to it on Spotify here.

Artist: Shannon

Release: The soloist is back within the span of just over a month of her single ‘Love Don’t Hurt’ with her 2nd mini album ‘Hello‘ with the same title track. Shannon shows off her vocals in this new track and she’s looking all grown up and mature since her last comeback in 2015 and even gives off the impression of being comfortable on stage! While the M/V hasn’t been released yet, you can check out the live performance below!

And that’s it for this week’s Release Round Up! What upcoming comebacks in August are you excited for?


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