If you’re a food enthusiast, particularly when it comes to the delicious wonders of Korean cuisine, then you’re in luck as celebrity chef John Torode has embarked on a Korean Food Tour! He will be travelling all over South Korea to find out for himself the reasons why their food is such a hit overseas.

He explores the multitude of layers within Korean food in the series, from episodes on the traditional BBQ, modern classics such as Korean Fried Chicken, and even had the chance to try out Royal Cuisine that many Koreans may not get the opportunity to eat and of course the ever present staple side dish in every meal – Kimchi!

If you’re interested in watching the show, the episodes will be played on the Good Food channel on Sky (133), Virgin Media (278) and on BT (313). They’ll be running all week on 9pm, to find out more about the episodes you can read about them here. Or if you wanted to check out his own versions of Korean food classics, you can find the recipes for that here too!


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