There’s been plenty of comebacks this week, from the newly debuted group K.A.R.D to distinguished group EXO. There’s even been two new singles released from AKMU, which is always a delight to listen to their music. Make sure you have a look through some of the latest songs below!

Artist: Jay Park

Release: The solo artist dropped the R’N’B single ‘Yacht‘ on July 17, which was of course produced by Cha Cha Malone and also features features Sik-K! It’s a chilled and smooth track that is relaxing to listen to, give the dance video linked below a watch!

Artist: EXO

Release: The resident powerhouse boy group made their awaited return with the 4th Full Album ‘The War‘ on July 18. It performed well on the Korean charts, such as MelOn with the main title track ‘Ko Ko Bop‘, as well as being well received worldwide! We recently covered EXO being the highest charting K-Pop group on the UK iTunes chart here as well as covering ‘Ko Ko Bop’ in a song review which you can also check out!

Artist: KARD

Release: The co-ed quartet have finally debuted this week with their first mini album ‘Hola Hola‘ on July 19. They’ve done well on the UK iTunes charts with ‘Rumor‘ along with their debut album having charted even higher upon it’s release! UK fans must be excited as the group are set to be coming over for the European leg of their World Tour in a few months time!

Artist: Jung Yong Hwa

Release: The CNBlue vocalist has released his first mini album since his solo debut in 2015. He returned on July 19 with ‘Do Disturb’, the title of his latest album with the main promotional track ‘That Girl‘ featuring AOMG rapper Loco.

Artist: Younha

Release: The soloist recently released the digital single ‘Take Five’ on July 19. This song cover is the latest addition for the 25th debut anniversary project of Seo Taiji! Actress Shin Se Kyung made a special appearance in the M/V below!

Artist: KNK

Release: The boy group came back with their 2nd Single Album Repackage ‘GRAVITY, Completed‘ on July 20. The title track ‘Rain‘ mirrors the melancholic feel from the slow track and the M/V, with each member really getting into character to fit the mood of the video.

Artist: Snuper

Release: They’re back with an energetic dance number ‘The Star of Stars’. Snuper return for their 4th Mini Album Repackage named the same title as their main promotional song on July 20. The M/V is tinged with feelings of being carefree and making every moment count, with the primary background of the video being filmed with a beautiful blue, cloudless sky and surrounded by green fields. It’s a M/V that’s definitely refreshing to watch!

Artist: Akdong Musician

Release: The loveable duo have made a suprise return with a single album, featuring the tracks ‘Darling’ and ‘Dinosaur’ on July 20. There’s a theory behind the meaning of the M/V, that it was used as a metaphor which referred to a person who would invade someone’s home in order to take back the debt owed by the family (or perhaps in this case, the parents?). It’s been speculated that Chanhyuk wrote about his childhood in the lyrics of this song, how difficult life was in terms the living conditions that they were faced with. For him to have relived the memories, it must have been a frightening time when an intruder comes to the door to demand the repayment of a loan, even more so from a child’s perception. It was a very interesting snippet into their past that they shared through their music.

Artist: Park Jaejung and NCT’s Mark

Release: To finish off this week’s release roundup, we’ve got a great summer track from Park Jaejung and Mark with the Digital single ‘Lemonade Love‘. It builds the concoction of an innocent love story (meaning this cues for clumsy moments and awkward first interactions) during the summer. It was released on July 21 as being the latest installment to SM Station!


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