Unlike with last week, there’s been more releases from the boy groups and soloists with the exception of Lee Hyori’s return since taking a hiatus in 2015 and rising girl group Red Velvet!

Summer has well and truly arrived with most of the music this week fitting into this time of the year, make sure you check out the latest releases to see if there’s any you have missed out on!

Artist: Lee Hyori

Release: The veteran soloist returned at the beginning of the week with her 6th Mini Album ‘Black‘ on July 4, promoting double title tracks ‘Seoul‘ featuring Killagramz and ‘Black‘. The former using South Korea’s capital as its muse, which takes it slow in its reminiscing vibes.

Artist: VAV

Release: The boy group are back with a ssummery tune in the form of the digital single ‘ABC (Middle of the Night)‘ which was released on July 4. They’re just adorable in the MV, which you can watch below!

: They released a special cover of the hip hop track ‘Come Back Home‘, originally from Seo Taiji and Boys as part of a Time Traveller project. The lyrics It was an added bonus that the single having entered into the UK iTunes chart this week!

Artist: Bang Yongguk

Release: The B.A.P member dropped his second single as a soloist in the form of Yamazaki. The leader remains firm in bringing to light social injustices, with a theory playing out that he punished the sinners shown in the M/V.

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Artist: DAY6

Release: The band hailing from JYP have released another song as part of their monthly series, this time they’re saying ‘Hi Hello’! It’s got a dreamy, gentle feel to it as we were able to see different sides to the group this year.

The M/V is just too cute to watch, as the group seemed to be brought together by fate as each were either hitchhiking or walking alone until they met each other as the journey of their friendship started by a simple greeting and offering of a ride.

Artist: Xiumin (EXO), Mark (NCT)

Release: In the latest installment from SM Station, we’ve been gifted by the collaboration of EXO’s Xiumin and NCT’s Mark! The duo joined forces to create the lighthearted, upbeat single ‘Young and Free’. They’re both naturals as they get up to fun antics in the M/V!

Artist: Jay Park

Release: Here comes yet another ideal R’N’B summer track from the soloist! Jay Park released the digital single “Love My Life” featuring pH-1 on July 7! With the self-explanatory title, the lyrics is full of good, positive vibes and making the best out of what he has and evidently turned it into a great song!

Artist: Red Velvet

Release: The only girl group on the list this week have made their 2nd return this year with a special summer album ‘The Red Summer‘! If you’re not already in the summer mood, then you’re surely be once you hear this song! They’re back with an upbeat title track ‘Red Flavor’, with the chorus will no doubt get you dancing! Red Velvet fans in the UK have been supporting the group’s mini album, which has already been rising on the UK Album chart! You can read more about it here.


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