BTS have been causing a wave in the global music market for a while, but they’ve stepped it up with the release of their new comeback EP Love Yourself Seung Her. They reached the #1 position on the i-Tunes chart in 40 different countries (Read about it here!).

According to Big Hit Entertainment, the lead song “DNA” had been streamed so much that it has reached No. 50 on Spotify’s Global Top 50 playlist. This is incredible, as it’s the first time a K-pop musician has entered this list. This means that it was the 50th most streamed song on 20th September 2017. As of writing this, it is currently on the 44th position. It’s also positioned at No. 3 in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Indonesia’s Top 50, No. 38 in Lithuania, No. 50 in Latvia. In Japan and Singapore, DNA has reached the second position, with the rest of the EP, except for the BBMA speech, holding other positions in the chart as well. Thailand sees 8 of the top 10 spots on the Spotify Top 50 Chart held by songs from Love Yourself, Seung Her. The song is also currently charting in Poland, Turkey and the USA.

They have even created a K-Pop Daekbak: BTS ‘Love Yourself’ playlist, featuring exclusive messages from the group to the fans, as well as a host of K-Pop songs! Watch the group promote their playlist below:


You can stream Love Yourself, Seung Her on Spotify, or purchase it on i-Tunes for just £7.99.


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