KpopX Fitness, a company founded in Asia that choreographs fun and intense workouts to Kpop tunes, will be holding classes in the UK next month. Maddy Lim, founder of the company is teaching the classes at various locations across the UK, including Birmingham and Surrey.

One KpopX Fitness class is 50 minutes long, incorporating 12-13 Kpop tunes. The workout for each routine is inspired by the original dance, but it doesn’t require any experience in dance, or hours of practice like a Kpop trainee to master. Maddy says: “It’s easy to do, creative, and you’ll sweat a lot! First-timers, please don’t worry about being unable to follow. Have fun, just enjoy the music and follow the KpopX trainer, but modify the moves if needed.”

The classes are perfect for “those who get bored easily, want excitement, want an immediate good cardio workout yet with minimal body isolation moves,” says Maddy. “I design a lot of arms and legs moves to cater for people who need to ease their way into group exercise classes.” Age is not a problem either. “Our oldest student is 90 years old and the youngest is four years old.”

KpopX Fitness has loads of videos on their YouTube channel so you can try it out at home before the class. Here’s BlackPink’s As if it’s your Last for an example of the class style.

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Maddy is teaching a total of eight classes in October. On most days, the class is listed as a master class, which is suitable for beginners and costs £5-£6. In Derby, a day-long Instructors class will be held for any fitness/dance teachers interested in teaching KpopX Fitness classes.

It’s Maddy’s first time in the UK, so UKP asked, what is she most looking forward to? “Visiting the Lake District, taking a road trip, picking up hitchhikers who might murder me (!), going to dance studios, meeting locals through KpopX Fitness, and observing and learning about the differences in different cultures.”

KpopX Fitness in the UK:
7 Oct – Billingham
9 Oct – Walsall
11 Oct – Dudley
12 Oct – Kingswinford (Dudley)
14 and 15 Oct – Birmingham
18 Oct – Surrey
21 Oct – Derby (Instructor class)
For more information on locations and bookings, see the KpopX Fitness site. You can also get in touch with them via Facebook and see more vids on YouTube.

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