A whirlwind of success has been surrounding BTS as of late, it’s only been a week since the release of their 5th Mini Album ‘Love Yourself ‘Her’‘ and they have been making history with the amount of new records being made and the milestones they have achieved in such a short space of time!

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The group has been receiving an abundance of support on a worldwide scale, especially from their UK fanbase who helped get the boys #1 on the iTunes Album Chart, something that has never been previously happened before and of course they broke their own record on the Official Chart by peaking at #14!

It seems like every day that passes by, BTS have been paving the way to becoming one of the most successful K-Pop groups in history, especially with the recent announcement today that they had charted at #7 on Billboard 200!

The Hits presenter Olivia Jones had raved about BTS’s latest title track ‘DNA‘ as it was played at 4:30pm. She went on to say, ‘BTS, that is the name that you need to remember‘! Now that they’ve been featured on UK Radio, this could possibly influence other stations to play BTS’s songs! What are your thoughts?



[UPDATE 27/09/17] Olivia recently announced on her Twitter account that BTS will be featured again on the ‘The Hits’ radio station! You can catch their song playing at 6:15 by listening here!


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