Korea’s top female idol, IU has released her ‘remake’ album packed full of  K-favourites with a modern twist. The album ‘Flower Bookmark 2’ is a digital follow on from ‘Flower Bookmark’ and today we’re reviewing the cover of ‘Last Night Story’ originally by SoBangCha.

This cover floods your ears with catchy vibes reminiscent of the late 70s and early 80s. The synth-driven melody paired with IU’s soft vocals sings Blondie vibes to me. Its quirky beat is really something different in this modern day genre. IU is known to push the norms and constraints of the K-Pop genre but really packs in a vintage spin with this track. She keeps the original track’s 80s feel throughout the melody but adds in a sort of airy, almost lazy vocal overlay that delivers a solid performance.

Loyal to its retro roots, the video is shot on a smaller scale and looks like something you’d catch on the music channels in the 80s. It’s a hilarious sketch of a night out and contains so many cuts and edits that keep it vintage and retro. IU’s deadpan stares into the camera against the silly nature of the MV are a quirky touch and emphasises the hilarity of the story. It’s nostalgic to watch and to listen to, IU does a fantastic job of recreating a classic and giving it a prominent stage for fans of K-Pop that weren’t around for the originals.


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