The Fantagio boy group is the latest to have their album featured on the UK iTunes Chart!

The boys have returned with their 3rd comeback this year, this time with ‘Dream Part.02′.  They’ve kicked off November’s music releases with their 5th Mini Album and it has currently peaked at #68, which may be their best debut on the chart yet!

[UPDATE] It’s a bit later on in the evening and they have risen to #52 on the album chart!

They’ve definitely gone for a mature concept in contrast to their past boyfriend-esque styled videos, but still sticking with their boyish charms that their fans all know and love. The beginning of the video looks like it may have been inspired by ‘The BFG’, but of course with their own twist and a sprinkle of magic. You can check out the M/V for their latest title track ‘Crazy Sexy Cool‘ below.

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If you were interested in buying the album on iTunes, you can get it for £3.95 here!


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