Stray Kids are a newly-formed group under JYP Entertainment. The group whom have garnered a lot of attention from new fans, have recently released their MV for their song ‘Hellavator’ on the 6th of October.

Despite not having officially debuted, the group’s MV was released in preparation for the upcoming JYP survival show known as ‘Stray Kids’. The concept of the survival show was to demonstrate each of the members’ individual skills to see if they had the potential to debut all together as a group. The first episode of their survival show was released on Mnet on the October 17th at 11PM (KST). If you’re interested in watching their new show, you can access it here. They also released a teaser for the first episode. From what is perceived of the teaser, if JYP believes that any member is lacking in potential then they will not be able to debut along with the rest of their group.

In total, the group have 9 members ranging from 1997 to 2001:

L-R: Woojin, Seungmin, Jeongin, Jisung, Chan, Changbin, Felix, Minho, Hyunjin.

  • Woojin – Born 1997 as Kim Woojin. He is the main vocalist of the group.
  • Seungmin – Born in 2000 as Kim Seungmin. He is the lead vocalist of the group.
  • Jeongin – Born in 2001 as Yang Jeongin. He is the lead vocalist and maknae of the group.
  • Jisung – Born in 2000 as Han Jisung. He is the main rapper of the group.
  • Chan – Born in 1997 as Bang Chan. He is the leader of group, specialising in vocals and rap. From Sydney, Australia.
  • Changbin – Born in 1999 as Seo Changbin. He is the main rapper of the group and has previously auditioned for Show Me The Money 5 (SMTM5).
  • Felix – Born in 2000 as Lee Felix. He specialises in rap and is from Sydney, Australia.
  • Minho – Born in 1998 as Lee Minho. He is the main dancer of the group.
  • Hyunjin – Born in 2000 as Hwang Hyunjin. He is the the sub-vocalist of the group.

[Credit: Kpopmap, Allkpop]

The name of their group, ‘Stray Kids’ is said to refer to the fact that they want to present music which doesn’t have any particular connection to fashion icons or certain forms. In a way it can be represented by producing music which is very original and unique to them. Their song ‘Hellavator’ is said to have been personally produced by the group themselves. The image the group would like to be associated by is ‘care-free’ and ‘wild’.


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