It’s been a crazy week for BTS, with updates of television appearances and radio interviews flying around so quickly that it’s difficult even for fans to keep up with their schedule.

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Having said that, they’ve only continuing to climb high with this week containing being some of the biggest and exciting milestones that a Korean artist or group could only ever dream of achieving. Back in 2012, Psy was the first to grace the AMA stage with the hit song ‘Gangnam Style‘, and now it’s BTS’s turn to take the spotlight today!

Two days ago, they had an interview with Mario Lopez and the Big Hit group were asked the standard questions including one that asked the members ‘Who would be some dream artist that you’d love to collaborate with?’, which gained answers such as Grizzy and Drake for RM, Shawn Mendes for Jin, Jungkook unsurprisingly chose Justin Bieber and Troye Sivan. Suga piping up with Camila Cabello – who they also met at the BBMAs in May, V went with Daniel Caesar and J-Hope said that he loves Zedd and Jimin finishing with Usher! You can check out this interview below with this particular segment starting at 3:34!

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Following this interview, the Russian-German record producer and DJ seemed more than welcome to the idea of a collaboration with BTS as he sent over the tweet to their account. Within 40 minutes, he had gotten a swift reply from the boys that it was practically a done deal! And to make this even more exciting, Namjoon confirmed on an interview with Hits 97.3 that this plan is already in motion!

BTS are set to be dropping their latest collaboration with Steve Aoki’s Remix of Mic Drop, which was a track from their album ‘Love Yourself ‘Her’‘ and will be released on November 24!

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