We are halfway through November, drawing closer towards Christmas. For this week’s releases we’ve had some heart-felt and relatable comebacks, as well as a release appropriate for the upcoming festive season. For now, let’s move on to this week’s latest releases!

Wanna One – Beautiful 

Release: For many Produce 101 S2 fans, you may have been anticipating this comeback! The successful debut group, Wanna One have returned for their first comeback after the release of their debut song ‘Energetic’ followed by ‘Burn It Up’. In comparison to their upbeat and powerful productions, the group have opted for a more heart-felt composition, which is accompanied by a meaningful narrative displayed in their MV. The group have also produced a prologue for their MV, as well as a performance version (due to be released) for their latest comeback. The MV displays the members in another light through an emotional ballad. The narrative displayed in the MV showcases the unfortunate tale of lost brothers, who lost one another due to an incident in the past. However, they both attempt to find each other, in hopes they will succeed in doing so. The group released their first full album, ‘1-1=0 (Nothing Without You)’ along with their MV on the 13th of November.

Lovelyz – Twinkle

Release: In preparation for Christmas, Lovelyz have brought out an appropriate Christmassy track! As of the 14th of November, Lovelyz came back with their 3rd mini album, ‘Fall in Lovelyz’ accompanied with their MV, ‘Twinkle’! The girl group sporting in red to suit the festive season, have released a cute and upbeat track. They have also varied in their costume changes, from white, like snow, to blue representing the cold season of winter, as well as gold to convey the glamourous celebration of Christmas! Their title track ‘Twinkle’ starts off very slow-paced, with minimal sounds, before developing into an energetic track. The MV aesthetic even proves to have Christmassy feels through the colours as well as the glowing, white filter.

Samuel – Candy

Release: For Samuel’s latest comeback, he returns with his latest title track ‘Candy’, accompanied by the release of his first album ‘Eye Candy’ on the 16th of November. The individual who gained a lot of attention particularly through his appearance on Produce 101 S2, as well as his previous works as Punch of 1Punch, has finally had the opportunity to shine through his very own solo releases. For some, you may believe his latest release ‘Candy’ has very nostalgic feels as many have said to reminisce the old school K-Pop style by listening to his track. At only 15, he manages to showcase his amazing dance skills which have accumulated over the years from Pledis Entertainment to Brave Entertainment. The song can be described as a very chill track, and is somewhat catchy as well!

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Soyou x Sung Si Kyung – I Still 

Release: The queen of collaborations, Soyou is back again, this time collaborating with the likes of Sung Si Kyung for an emotional ballad called ‘I Still’. Released on the 16th of November, the MV for ‘Still’ features the famous Korean actor, Lee Dong Wook (best known as the Grim Reaper of Goblin). The heart-felt rendition conveys the feelings of individuals dealing with a difficult breakup, as the lyrics voice the pains of having to deal with the situation. The man and woman they focus on, are shown struggling to accept their breakup. The song is said to be a pre-release, which will later follow with Soyou’s upcoming solo album.

Red Velvet – Peek-A-Boo

Release: Although the MV provides hints of Christmas through the red costumes to Christmas cracker party crowns, it’s actually more related to the theme of their group, ‘Red Velvet’. For this comeback, Red Velvet have opted for an upbeat, bold track, which showcases very eerie and mysterious vibe. They’ve also chosen a very catchy chorus with ‘Peek-A-Boo’ incorporating relevant dance moves to suit their theme. As for the narrative of the MV, it is very colourful, but in a way very unique. The group are shown to be portraying very psychotic personality traits, as the pizza man becomes a victim to the girls housed in the sorority house. They are seen to be practicing their weaponry skills, with the result of sacrificing their victims. Red Velvet released their second album ‘Perfect Velvet’ with their MV on the 17th of November.

Nell x Groovy Room – Today

Release: Whilst this latest MV doesn’t quite have it’s own choreography or video narrative, the simplistic design of the MV allows listeners to focus predominately on the music release. Nell has collaborated with the likes of Groovy Room (famous producers under H1GHR Music) to bring to you this ‘groovy’ track. The track leans towards the rock genre, exhibited by the electric guitar solo, whilst also incorporating electronic and funk aspects. For the lyrics, it focuses on a scenario which is very familiar to everyone. From conflicting feelings, the lyrics state ‘don’t worry, I’ll feel like this, but then I’ll be alright’, a familiar feeling for many where we sometimes feel down but we just have to move on and continue our day as ‘today it’s just that kind of day’. This may be a suitable song to listen to when you can relate to the lyrics conveyed, it’s chill but also meaningful. Released on the 17th of November.


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