Twice are back this week with new single Likey. This is the first Korean release since the girls’ Japanese debut and the first release from their full debut album ‘Twicetagram’. Twice recently celebrated their 2 year anniversary so this is a great time for the ever popular group to bring out their first full length album.

Likey has Twice vibes from the outset. The stereotypical repetitive chorus of the title starts the song off right with Sana taking the reins. The song has so many distinctive elements that show off each member’s vocals but each part effortlessly merges into the next. In typical Twice fashion, the song takes a different stylistic turn at each verse, hook and rap break. It is a catchy, easy-listening song with an energetic chorus.

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There’s so much happening in this MV, it needs a few replays. Set in Vancouver, the girls take the camera in their own hands to document their segment of the video. It’s a colourful, fun snapshot of everyday life with individual shots. The choreography brings the girls together in a series of different locations, we need a dance version for all of them! The style has been influenced heavily by the 90s with the plaid patterns and crop tops. The MV has already broken records for Twice and we can see why. It’s a perfect accompaniment to the track.


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