Unless you’re a connoisseur of old Korean hip hop songs, or an avid collector of eclectic tracks, here’s a list of ten songs you probably haven’t had the chance to hear.

1.  Storm – Perry. Featuring a 12 year old G-Dragon, Masta Wu, and Sean of Jinusean.

Perry Borja was one of the original artists of YG Entertainment and the father of Hip-Hop in Guam. He helped G-Dragon release his very first song and kept writing lyrics for Big Bang well into their career. He’s since fallen off the radar, but his classic tracks are hard to forget.

2. Full Moon – Nell

Nell is a fairly well known band, but digging into albums, or even lesser known MVs renders delightful gems.

3.  Nasty – 1TYM

It’s impossible to compile a list of songs most people haven’t listened to without feeling the urge to include at least a few different OG YG Family songs, and 1TYM is a top tier group to brush up on.

4. To Be – Walrus

Kim Jae Wook is known for his popular drama roles, but most people haven’t heard of his Beatles inspired indie rock group Walrus.

5. Ragga Muffin – Stony Skunk

If you haven’t heard any straight up Korean Reggae, you are in for a weird little treat.


6. The Night – Lovewave

Lovewave is a barely heard of indie artist whose music is undeniably unappealing.

7. Pajama Party – Super Junior-H

Now everyone has heard of Super Junior (and probably a lot of their subgroups) but have you heard of Pajama Party? It’s bizarre, and adorable.

8. Monster – Drunken Tiger

You can pick almost any Drunken Tiger track and wonder why it doesn’t have have more views, but Monster is a catchy, bass-bumping song you want to check out.

9. Crybaby – Shin Ji Hoon

Shin Ji Hoon is an actress and figure skater you might have seen, but have you listened to her solo work? Perfect for the cold seasons.

10. Nosenorabose – MOO-GA-DANG

Moogadang is an eccentric little underground group with 1TYM’s Song Baek Kyoung as one of the members, and Nosenorabose is a song you won’t be able to get out of your head.

Have you heard many of these songs? Do you have a song you think should be included?
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